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"Manreet Sodhi Someshwar is a gifted writer of great promise. I have a gut feeling we have a new star rising in Punjab's literary horizon. She has an excellent command of English and a sly sense of humour."
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Monday, 15 October 2012

What Is A Writer To Do?


  1. You have beautifully captured the modern writer's challenges.

    Do you have any tips for attaining that elusive balance between being reclusive and being social? I always find that when I work on one, the other suffers even if I try to devote scheduled time to each.

    1. Sorry to disappoint you Shankari but I don't!

      What I do do is guard my writing time zealously and I try to write the best I can in the firm belief that everything else comes later. I dabble in social media therefore - one reason why I ain't any good at it, sigh! But, so be it. If you are a writer, it's the writing that counts, right?

  2. Loved it. Though social media might look like a distraction for those of us who are more focused on the literary value of our writing, I have to admit that it has helped me find readers when there were none. I wish someone would come up with an app that lets me do all of the things- the bings and the pings, the tweets and the status updates - all at one go.

  3. that was quite perceptive. :)

  4. Loved it Manreet. Just when I think I have started mastering one social media a new one crops up. Now I have just left most of them and hoping my content makes the readers come back again and again. That is all a writer can hope for right??

  5. First time around in your blog Manreet.
    You write very well. You have captured today's scenario quite aptly :)
    Keep posting good stuff :) :) :)



  6. And now I am wondering what is a photographer to do? :) Very well written!!!

  7. lovely one mam :) Do spare some time and read these too :)