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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My Fall Encounter With Messrs. Twain & Frost

I love autumn - the air is balmy, the sun shines and all life's labours seem worthwhile. No wonder the poet in me comes alive at this time every year! Or is it perhaps, another tactic to delay the inevitable grind - of hunkering down and writing and working towards completing my manuscript?

Ah, well - between prose and poem, this round went to poetry, or versifying - more appropriate term for my 'poetic' endeavours!

My Fall Encounter With Messrs. Twain & Frost 

A bright day of fall
So clear I see butterflies flit
Against the mountain’s green sprawl...

The sun’s on my back
And autumn’s susurrus in my ear
Yet, a manuscript awaits me on the Mac...

It’s the kinda day -
Life is too short to learn German -
Winking at Twain I’d like to say...

Yet there is that poem deep
Which, at school, I did by-heart
About promises we have to keep...

Those four lines by Frost
Spurred Jawaharlal through 20-hour work days.
As for me, the day and its labours have just begun to accost...

Much like those woods
Fall’s charms are ‘lovely, dark and deep’
Much like Frost, this writer too must hunker down to deliver the goods!


  1. Loved it. May ye deliver the best goods !!!

  2. Getting back to my early morning writing, I needed some inspiration. Loved your versifying. Thank you.

  3. My heart goes out to the author and the poet! Beautiful indeed!

    ps: I love that word, 'susurrus'!

    1. Susurrus - one of those perfect onomatopoeic words!