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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Elections are Coming.

Elections are coming. This might not have the heft of ‘Winter is coming’ from George RR Martin’s epic ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series, but it is a similar portent. 2014 general elections in India will be pivotal, all agree. Depending on the colour in the tiranga that you adhere to, it will be because the ‘Namo’ chant will ring in BJP, at last; or Rawl Baba will nail the moribund Congress coffin, finally; or AAP will become everybody’s Baap, ultimately. Whichever range of the spectrum you gravitate to, come this April, try to cast your vote not to your jaat or dharm bhai/behn but to the person who will represent you and your constituency. Just ensure that he is not a rapist, does not have a criminal record, is educated - hopefully, has a track record of doing some (good) work. We are a fractious nation, always have been - which is why we didn’t birth Hitler. And dreams of glorious empires always end with bird shit - be it pigeons perched on Victoria’s statues or the legendary Peacock Throne fighting a losing battle through a net armour.

Elections are coming. Forget the national party, vote for the person that is the candidate - aap, aam or khaas. 

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  1. People who are voting for these days, is not a rapist but a murderer. Sadly the major population votes by the community/religion tag in India. Sad reality.