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"Manreet Sodhi Someshwar is a gifted writer of great promise. I have a gut feeling we have a new star rising in Punjab's literary horizon. She has an excellent command of English and a sly sense of humour."
- Khushwant Singh on The Long Walk Home

"An enjoyable tale of a sassy girl's headlong race up the corporate ladder."
- India Today on Earning the Laundry Stripes

Friday, 7 June 2013

The Art of Writing: Jo Dar Gaya So Mar Gaya

“You can always write because you can always take your pen and write subject verb object and write really simple sentences and actually they’ll get you where you need to go. 

The whole business of writing creates a lot of tension. And I find the backdrop of the ocean  wonderfully calming. There’s something out there, much bigger than you, than your book and it drops it all into a very welcome perspective.” 

- Hilary Mantel

Take baby steps, be kind to your writing self, and when overwhelmed, look at nature to regain balance. Or, like me, you might turn to Ghalib, that surefire purveyor of perspective: 

Raat din gardish mein hain saat aasmaan,
ho rahega kuchh na kuchh ghabraayain kya?

Through night and day the seven heavens are in revolution,

one thing or the other will occur - why get agitated therefore?

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