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Monday, 2 April 2012

The Taj Mahal Brainteaser - 1

A rare picture of the Taj Mahal  

Image Courtesy: ASI

Three questions to tease your brain:

     1. Can you guess what the dome of Taj Mahal is wearing?

     2. What is the reason behind this?

     3. What year was this done?  

Leave your answers on the blog post below or on the Facebook page 

P.S - Even if you don't know, be creative with your answers, and have fun!

Source: The Taj Conspiracy, coming soon


  1. It's so intriguing Manreet! Can't help looking at the unusual pic again and again...(?)

  2. 1. The dome of the Taj dome is wearing a huge scaffold.. supposed to look like a pile of bamboos.

    2. To protect from fighter jets

    3. !942 - world war II times.

  3. Scaffolding during reconstructive work.

  4. Scaffolding during reconstructive work

  5. 1. its a scaffolding

    2. to protect it during war times

    3. i guess during 1965 indo pak war but not sure...

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