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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

For a Secular India

The recent drama in the Bhajpa camp sent Indian media into a tizzy and leavened my life as well. Post an FB status update I receive messages reminding me not to “forget that your own clan was mercilessly butchered in Delhi by the ‘secular’ forces of India”, peppered with other such smug solicitudes. First things first: I am a Sikh, and Sikhism is a faith, not a clan. 

I grew up in the ‘militant hotbed of Ferozepur’ during the Khalistan movement, in a cantonment town that straddles the Indo-Pak border where the kafilas of Partition linger to this day - unsolicited advice on secularism is a bit wasted on me, don’t you think?

I am not a NaMo fan, have never been, will never be - just as with Lady Macbeth, it’s a minor case of bloodied hands which all the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten. And I do not subscribe to your mathematical posturing which states that a non-NaMo fan equals a Congress acolyte. I spent too much time growing up in Punjab to not be acquainted with the vote-bank politics of Mrs Gandhi and the Frankenstein she unleashed in the name of secularism. I even wrote a book that delved into this, The Long Walk Home. Perhaps you want to read it before mailing off those meaningless messages?

Deploying a Bollywood trope, haath khoon sey rangey hain bahuton key... Come election time, perhaps you want to free yourself of the Bhajpa-Congress-religion-clan-community-caste bind and vote for the person who has really worked for your constituency? If we all did that, the Centre would take care of itself. How’s that for a secular India?


  1. Lovely thought and I hope that it becomes a reality.!

  2. Both the parties are communal .. in fact all Indian parties are communal because they had formed for vested interests .. congress has been doing the divide and rule policy post Independence and Mrs Gandhi was a dictator and I don't have anything good to think or talk about her..Minorities have been used and abused just for Votes and by all ! Regional parties are no Good!
    Politics of India has not stooped down as others say , I feel, it was dirty since the time,the British realized they had to leave hence supported all those who wanted to Rule the land after them and not patriots !
    India's trouble of the date is all due to the ill doings of Congress Govt throughout.
    At present,we are left to select between a thief and a robber..and the nation is unfortunately addicted to the robber who has ruined the country post independence. the thief got 6 years 13 days .. it had done quite a lot but ...
    anyways .. only 2014 will say what it has for India's future !

  3. Must read your book The Long Walk Home... missed that one.

    As I expressed in a blog post in June, (ref: I will save Gujarat only) :

    So, my dear GOI, tell me - a simple, powerless citizen of India - is Rahul Gandhi more important than saving thousands of lives? And how is it that a rank-outsider like Modi can just waltz into a disaster area unannounced and without clearance and organise a Rambo-style rescue? Insofar as Uttarakhand tragedy is concerned - outside of the Armed Forces, Uttarakhand State Government and Central Government - everyone else is persona-non-grata. How did Modi pull it off? Why did Rahul's security demand vacation of a rescue camp in one of the worst natural disaster hit areas in India???? Who gave them the bloody guts to do that? That means there is no control of any kind: every man for himself, is it? What a positively fabulous way of running a government! Awesome: you have my personal congratulations!

    That leaves me with 2 options: on one side, a party that fields a Help-Gujarati-Only man as a prime candidate; and on the other side a party who places personal security over and above the convenience of people engaged in rescue work, a party that mismanages this whole sick episode...

    Ai gham-e-zindagi kuch to de mashvaraa
    Ek taraf uskaa ghar ek taraf maikadaa
    main kahaa jaaoon hotaa nahi faislaa
    Ek taraf uska ghar ek taraf maikadaa...

    Wish AAP goes national: I am with Kejriwal all the way!